ROLE network

Relating Outcomes to Lived Experience

What’s in a name!

Now that the ROC and ROLE project has finished, we thought we ought to reconsider our name. 

One name we liked was LEAP –  lived experience advisory panel? lived experience appreciation panel? or programme? lived experience and proud?

It suggests someone leaping over a mountain. We’ve all had mountains to climb to get where we are today. Both in our own mental health, and in our work in the areas we live. We want to use our experience for the benefits of others, for improved services and for a better quality of life.

Our area also has a lot of mountains!

It can mean a lot of things but it definitely describes ourselves, the many problems we solve in life, and the many mountains to climb to put things right.

But try as we might, we keep coming back to ROLE – Relating Outcomes to Lived Experience. We’ve been the ROLE group for several years now – and it looks like the name sticks with us.


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