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Dancing to Our Own Tunes

Dancing to Our Own Tunes reports findings from a national consultation with BME and white British service users and survivors about their experience of ‘involvement’, both within the statutory sector mental health services and within the service user/survivor movement.

The report identifies numerous barriers to involvement, at individual and community level, including the overt and covert racism faced by people from minority ethnic backgrounds in these spaces.

The report, commissioned by NSUN from Catch-a-fiya, was launched last week with a presentation from the author Jayasree Kayathil. She presented the following recommendations:

1 Set up a national steering group to take the work forward
2 Shift the locus of leadership to service users from BME communities.
3 Support the diversity of work already being undertaken by service users
within their own communities, and create alliances with other social development
4 Build capacity of smaller groups, through decentralising resources, mentoring and peer support.
5 Establish an organised political voice to comment and campaign on racism and mental health and facilitate networking and information sharing between national and local groups and organisations.

Dancing to Our Own Tunes can be downloaded free from NSUN’s website and the executive summary, full report and Jayasree’s presentation at the launch event are available on the Survivor Research site.


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