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New Horizons in Mental Health

Prof Louis Appleby and Phil Hope, Minister of State for Care Services, today attended a meeting in Manchester to describe the current state of the work on New Horizons and to gather a view from the North West.

Most of the ROLE group were at the meeting, together with other service users and carers, and representatives from various Trusts from across the region.

Phil Hope MP described the transformation in health services over the last 10 years, and the positive view that the National Standard Framework (NSF) had been a catalyst in the transformation of mental health services. 

Louis Appleby described how New Horizons would give the government’s vision and would sit alongside local initiatives. 

We had round table discussions where we discussed what we would like to see in New Horizons. Feedback from tables highlighted a range of top requests including:

  • improved communication through all organisations
  • improved access to services
  • respite care 
  • halfway houses and crisis houses
  • a definition of vulnerability across mental health and learning disabilities for all age groups
  • investment in the next generation
  • measures of quality for individual’s recovery
  • prompt access to crisis services
  • address staff sickness
  • ease of access to services and support to move on
  • broader definition of crisis as defined by individuals and their supporters
  • increased support for the whole family
  • inclusive of individuals from all diverse groups – without relying on ineffective ‘mainstreaming’

Let’s hope we see some of that included in the document. They also promised to take away the complete notes from each of the tables to feed into their consultation.

They are going out to meet with groups across the country and there will be a further consultation period before the launch in October 2009.

They did refer to a website – I can only find an email address – they say they welcome comments and ideas at

newhorizons [at] dh [dot] gsi [dot] gov [dot] uk

replacing at and dot with the usual symbols.


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