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Gap between rich and poor damages mental health

Evidence released by the Mental Health Foundation shows the impact of the poverty gap to both individual and collective mental health.

The report, Mental Health, Resilience and Inequalities, from Mental Health Foundation and WHO – by Dr Lynne Friedli – is available for free download here.

The report shows how the gap between rich and poor affects the mental health of individuals by causing psychological and physiological changes.

It also argues that mental health is key to understanding wider health and social issues.

The Mental Health Foundation lists a series of recommendations including – 

  • Social, cultural and economic conditions that support family life
  • Education that equips children to flourish both economically and emotionally
  • Employment opportunities, pay and conditions that promote and protect mental health
  • Partnerships between health and other sectors to address social and economic problems that are a catalyst for psychological distress
  • Reducing policy and environmental barriers to social contact

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