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New Horizons consultation

New Horizons sets out the ideas and principles which will inform the development of mental health services for the next ten years. This will replace the National Standard Framework for Mental Health which was introduced ten years ago and brought many changes to services including the introduction of specialist teams for Early Intervention, Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment, and Assertive Outreach. The NSF set 7 standards which local agencies had to implement.

The New Horizons consultation documents are now out and can be downloaded from the Department of Health website

The deadline for responses is 15 October 2009.

To obtain a hard copy of ‘New Horizons – Towards a shared vision for mental health’, either:
– visit their publications orderline and quote the product code: 296200
– or email their agents Prolog on
– or call 0300 123 1002  (8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday)


One response to “New Horizons consultation

  1. Karen Holbrook September 24, 2009 at 9:11 pm

    I am so glad to see a website that is working towards ending the stigma towards mental health. I lost my husband to suicide 2 years ago, if he had felt able to talk more freely, and felt that people wouldn’t mock him, he may still be here. The sense of failure is so strong when it comes to admitting to a mental health issue, my husband feared people mocking him.
    There should be more help too for people who have been bereaved by suicide. It is a totally unique bereavement and so hard to come to terms with the loss. If it hadn’t have been for the widowed by suicide google group set up by a widow I do not know how I would have survived, even though I see a clinical psychologist it isn’t the same as talking to someone who has been through the same thing.
    I can hold my head up with pride when I talk about my husband but so many people are still ashamed if a suicide is in their family and this is through lack of understanding.
    Good luck with all your valued work

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