ROLE network

Relating Outcomes to Lived Experience

Open Up funding for ROLEcamp

We’ve received the fantastic news that we’ll be one of the Open Up Initiatives for 2009-2010.

This is the brief description of our plans –

A service user/survivor led event for people across the North West region. The ROLE group believes that discrimination is a barrier to accepting the views of people with lived experience on an equal level. They will organize a regional event to bring service users/survivors and carers together to agree a set of outcomes. They will write this up into a report which everyone can then take to their local providers and commissioners as evidence of what people want from services. Participants will go on to form a network so they can continue to support each other after the event.

ROLE stands for relating outcomes to lived experience so we’re keen to bring as many people as possible together to look at developing a series of outcomes which we can use with all organisations to let them know what we want. We want to include people from across the North West – who will be able to attend the event or be involved online.

We’re not sure when the event will be – we’re trying to avoid any particularly busy times of year. And we’re still seeking further funding to make sure that people from across the region can be there.

If you can help or want to be involved, do let us know.


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