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Relating Outcomes to Lived Experience

March 2010

About time we had an update!

We’ve met several times now with our Open Up coordinator, Cath Norris. Cath has been helping us to look at some of the difficulties we’ve faced as a group. She’s run training sessions for us and has helped us to talk through our plans.

We realised that we often see the same old faces at regional events, and while that’s good and very positive, we started to think about who we’d be leaving out.

We thought one way forward would be to organise local events as well as the regional event. So each one of us has agreed to look at how we can get local voices involved. We’ll then make sure that those local opinions come back to the regional event.

We also thought about how we can use technology and the internet to include people. We’ve seen lots of conferences and events where people tweet and liveblog, so that people not at the event can ask questions remotely. We’re not experts in this though, and we’re not sure how our specific audience would like it. But we thought it was something we could explore. So we’re looking for additional funding to see if we could do something with that.

One of the main difficulties for us though is that we meet so rarely. Its difficult being a regional group. We’re all very busy locally, some of us have jobs, and some of us also do things nationally. So it can be very difficult to coordinate our time to meet up.

All in all, our progress feels like its a bit slower than we’d hoped, but we’re still on target to get our event up and running.


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