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Election – compact

Here is the text of the agreement which the leaders of all 3 major parties have signed up to –

Election compact on mental health

Principles for good practice and conduct
This compact applies to all those involved in national, local or European election campaigns, whether they are prospective MPs, MSPs, AMs, MEPs, councillors, candidates, party members, campaigners or supporters.

I, the undersigned, undertake to:

  1. Not stigmatise, slur or discriminate against anyone with a mental health problem, in particular, members or prospective members of the chamber, or their families, by publishing, or seeking to have published by others, or in any way endorsing slurs or stigmatising material, including in any dealings with the public such as door-to-door and telephone canvassing.
  2. Challenge negative attitudes towards mental health:
    • Recognise that the stigma of mental illness may inhibit colleagues from disclosing any mental health condition that they may have experienced in the past or be experiencing while presently serving as a representative;
    • Challenge “canteen culture harassment”, whereby discriminatory comments made in the course of conversation, but without the intention of causing offence, are often made in the belief that everyone in the immediate audience will be sympathetic to them;
    • Agree not to speculate about the mental health of any member or prospective member or to ridicule any such person on the grounds of their suspected mental health condition, or that of their families; and
    • Reject all forms of hate crime, violence, harassment, bullying and unlawful disability discrimination against people with a mental illness.
  3. Represent the interests of all my constituents, regardless of their mental health in the same way that I would for any other group in society regardless of race, sex, religion, physical disability or any other factor.

In endorsing this declaration, I agree to make sure everyone involved in my (and my party’s) campaign for election pledges to abide by these principles.

I also accept responsibility to ensure that every alleged breach is properly investigated by my party, and that appropriate action is taken against any, party member, who knowingly fails to comply with these principles.

There is more information on rethink’s website.


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