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White paper on health

Just to round up some links and comments on the new white paper –

Download the white paper from the Department of Health website

(We are consulting on how best to implement these changes. In particular, the Department would welcome comments on the implementation of the proposals requiring primary legislation, and will publish a response to the views raised on the White Paper and the associated papers, prior to the introduction of the Bill. Comments should be sent by 5th October 2010)

Briefing from Civitas [pdf] suggesting a return to rationing of services either by increase in waiting times or by reduction in services – and that it could set the NHS back by up to three years.

Analysis on highlighting that difficult local decisions will lead to postcode lotteries.

Information from Health Service Journal – a series of articles – the marked items are subscriber only features. This piece includes a comment from Terence Lewis about the impact on mental health services:

….   The commitments to put the patient front and centre encourages me enormously, as does the adoption of ‘no decisions about me without me’. …

…  The possibility of patients, families and wider carers identifying those services that perform well and choosing to be cared for by them if and when the need arises, would bring huge peace of mind to many.

George Monbiot article highlighting the importance of government regulation in protecting the interests of the less powerful – and with reference to football and the World Cup.

Alistair Campbell’s blog reviewing Lansley’s appearance on Newsnight with a group of GPs (available on iplayer).

Response from rethink describing their research which shows that only 1 in 3 GPs feel ready to take on a new role in commissioning mental health services.

Statement on black mental health describing the hope that reforms will bring about some much-needed positive changes.

Response from Mind outlining some key issues for mental health services.

Statement from the Kings Fund highlighting that it’s the implementation that will be important.


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