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whitepaper – outcomes consultation

Here are some of the questions from the consultation on the Outcomes Framework for the NHS white paper. It is disappointing that the document is only available electronically.

1. Do you agree with the key principles which will underpin the development of the NHS Outcomes Framework?

The key principles are:

  • Accountability and transparency
  • Balanced
  • Focused on what matters to patients and healthcare professionals
  • Promoting excellence and equality
  • Focused on outcomes that the NHS can influence but working in partnership with other public services where required (They note that separate outcomes frameworks will be constructed for public health and for social care.)
  • Internationally comparable
  • Evolving over time (They note that it will be reviewed annually.)

2. Are there any other principles which should be considered?

3. How can we ensure that the NHS Outcomes Framework will deliver more equitable outcomes and contribute to a reduction in health inequalities?

4. How can we ensure that where outcomes require integrated care across the NHS, public health and/or social care services, this happens?

5. Do you agree with the five outcome domains that are proposed in Figure 1 as making up the NHS Outcomes Framework? These are:

  1. preventing people from dying prematurely
  2. enhancing quality of life for people with long term conditions
  3. helping people to recover from episodes of ill health or following injury
  4. ensuring people have a positive experience of care
  5. treating and caring for people in a safe environment and protecting them from avoidable harm

    6. Do they appropriately cover the range of healthcare outcomes that the NHS is responsible for delivering to patients? (noting that public health and prevention will be covered in a separate consultation.)

    7. Does the proposed structure of the NHS Outcomes Framework under each domain seem sensible?

    For each of the 5 outcome domains there will be

    • overarching indicator to frame the NHS Commissioning Board’s broader responsibilities
    • about 5 improvement areas – each with outcome indicator – small set of specific areas chosen by an evidence-based method
    • NICE quality standards

    The consultation then considers each domain and considers what an NHS Outcomes Framework could look like.

    This is a lengthy document which is only available online. It ends with the following general questions:

    27. What action needs to be taken to ensure that no-one is disadvantaged by the proposals, and how do you think they can promote equality of opportunity and outcomes for all patients and, where appropriate, NHS staff?

    28. Is there any way in which the proposed approach to the NHS Outcomes Framework might impact upon sustainable development?

    29. Is the approach to assessing and analysing the likely impacts of potential outcomes and indicators set out in the Impact Assessment appropriate?

    30. How can the NHS Outcomes Framework best support the NHS to deliver best value for money?

    31. Is there any other issues you feel have been missed on which you would like to express a view?

    Timeline to the NHS Outcomes Framework

    • 19 July 2010 – publication of consultation document and consultation opens
    • July – October 2010 – engagement process as part of full public consultation
    • 11 October 2010 – consultation closes
    • End October / early November 2010 – Government response to the consultation
    • End 2010 / early 2011 – publication of the first NHS Outcomes Framework alongside the NHS Operating Framework for 2011/12

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