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whitepaper – more consultation links

More electronic only consultation documents on the NHS white paper –

Regulating health care providers

This document is part of a public consultation on implementation of proposals in the White Paper and supporting papers. It further outlines proposals on foundation trusts and the establishment of Monitor as an independent economic regulator for health and adult social care. It seeks views on specific consultation questions

Report of the arms-length bodies review

The report of the review, which follows the publication of the White Paper, Equity and excellence: Liberating the NHS, sets out our proposals for ALBs in the health and social care sector. These proposals form part of the cross-Government strategy to increase accountability and transparency, and to reduce the number and cost of quangos.

Commissioning for patients

The document ‘Liberating the NHS: commissioning for patients’ provides more detail on proposed arrangements and seeks views on a on a number of areas including:

  • How GP consortia and the NHS Commissioning Board can best involve patients in improving the quality of health services
  • How GP consortia can work closely with secondary care, community partners and other health and care professionals to design joined-up services that are responsive to patients and the public
  • How the NHS Commissioning Board and GP consortia can best work together to make effective and efficient commissioning decisions
  • How the NHS Commissioning Board can best support consortia and ensure they achieve improvements in outcomes within NHS resources

Increasing democratic legitimacy in health

This document links closely to the consultation on commissioning for patients. Taken together, these two documents set out the strategy for commissioning of health, care and wellbeing. They set out how the new system will work together to provide improved outcomes for patients, users and the public.


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