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Acute services – triangle of care launch

THE TRIANGLE OF CARE – Carers Included: A Best Practice Guide in Acute Mental Health Care

launched at a reception at the House of Commons on July 28th 2010

from The Princess Royal Trust for Carers (PRTC) and The National Mental Health Development Unit (NMHDU).

The title refers to the ‘essential 3-way relationship between professionals, service users, their carers and families’.

‘The guide emphasises the need for better local strategic involvement of carers and families in the care-planning and treatment of people experiencing mental ill-health and calls for better partnership working between service users, their carers and providers of services in order to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Care Services Minister Paul Burstow said: “Increasingly we are becoming aware that mental health issues touch all of us. One in four of us will experience some kind of mental illness in our lifetime but the wider role of family and friends in helping to care for those affected is still too easily over looked, especially when crisis situations arise. “Caring can be rewarding but it can also be challenging. This guide shows how professionals, service users and carers can better work together to access the support needed.”

Download the Triangle of Care

(from NMHDU – acute care programme).


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