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This afternoon I was at the Lived Experience Networking event in Sheffield run by time to change. I thought I should try to do some liveblogging to see if we could get it out to people who weren’t able to attend the event.

There were some comments that not everyone has internet access or wants to use such technology. But I think its important that we have choice – yes its not for everyone, but lots of us do use it. Let’s use all tools to get information available to many people and groups.

Coveritlive was relatively easy to set up and use. (Thank you to @johnpopham for that suggestion.) The difficult bit for me was using someone else’s netbook with an unfamiliar keyboard. It took me a while to find the # key for example!

I should also have had some practice before the day so that I could see how to interact with people outside the event. I know that people were making comments on twitter with the #ttcle hashtag, but I kept having to swap windows around to see it all. I’m sure there would have been an easier way so that I could have more of a conversation.

It was a bit nerve racking, typing it all up live on the internet – everyone can see all my typos, and I’m not sure my notes make sense. But I’m hoping that, as with most things, its of some use – and that I’ll improve with practice.

I couldn’t carry on with it after the break because I was facilitating a workshop. If I was doing it again, I’d make sure there were lots of people able to do it and to cover all workshops. It would be good to have blogs done from more than one person at the same talk so that we hear different views of it.

Anyway, I’d be pleased to hear what you think of my first attempt – all feedback appreciated so please do add a comment.

I hope you find it of some use.

Live blog from the Time to Change Lived Experience Networking event might appear here:

Click Here


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