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CQC report on use of the Mental Health Act

The Care Quality Commission has published its first report on the use of the Act – the full report, easy read versions and videos are all available on their website.

The Commission highlighted areas of poor practice in mental health services for patients who are subject to the Mental Health Act, and pledged to use its regulatory powers to lever improvement.

Publishing its first annual report on the use of the Act, CQC said its findings raised important concerns about how some care providers, in both the NHS and private sector, were adhering to the principles of the Act and its Code of Practice.

The commission identified three priority areas where services needed to do much better:

  • involving patients in decisions about their care and treatment;
  • assessing and recording patients’ consent to treatment;
  • minimising restrictions on patients and avoiding ‘blanket’ security measures.

Cynthia Bower, CQC’s Chief Executive, said: “Staff and managers who work in mental health services don’t always get the recognition they deserve. Many of the men, women and children who come under their care may owe their very survival to their dedication and compassion, both on the hospital ward and out in the community.

“But we have found too much poor and unacceptable practice and this must be tackled. Our top priority is to protect the interests of patients, and we will use our powers to ensure that care providers address these issues and make real improvements.”


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