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Carers services in Lancashire

Lancashire County Council want to make sure that Carers are involved in making decisions about Carers services. All Councils need to consider the proposed spending cuts and how this will affect services.

Lancashire County Council invited Carers to consultation sessions over the summer to identify priorities. This feedback and other sources of information have been used to understand what is important to Carers over the coming years, and to highlight the importance of continuing to fund Carers support services in the future.

The Council are keen to hear from any Carers who would be interested in being part of a group of people who are interested in shaping the future for Carers.

They are offering a number of ways to get involved including:

  • Being part of small, informal focus groups
  • Being part of steering groups
  • Agreeing to telephone/postal surveys
  • Being involved in staff recruitment (free training available)
  • Being involved in interviewing organisations who want to provide carer services
  • Being part of local carer implementation groups

The Council will reimburse all out of pocket expenses incurred including replacement care if required. They will make sure you have the opportunity to attend a training course to develop your skills, if that is something you would want.

Please talk to your Carers centre for more information and to register your interest or call or e-mail Joanne Miller at Lancashire County Council on 07775 221258.



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