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Oldham Mind

Oldham Mind has been making the national media with news that it’s services are about to be cut by 80%. The BBC have reported the story quoting NHS Oldham and Oldham Council as saying “With the financial challenges we face, the support provided by Mind is available elsewhere, and following a detailed performance review, we took the difficult decision not to renew the charity’s contract.”

Four of the eight staff will lose their jobs. But what does this mean for local service users? Have you any comments to make that we can feed back to local commissioners?


One response to “Oldham Mind

  1. Ian December 9, 2010 at 7:02 pm

    the key phrase is “following a detailed performance review”. Oldham Mind was a poorly performing organisation. It has been rife with bullying of staff and its management have a bad attitude towards service users and carers. Many people are disappointed that there wasn’t a 100% cut! Services will be provided elsewhere and time will tell. The cuts are bad news, but unavoidable. We still have to fight the mental health corner to ensure we don’t suffer more than other areas, but in the case of Oldham Mind I think the Commissioners have it right. That organisation have put more people into services than they have helped out of services!

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