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Personal health budgets

Please can you help by completing this  personal budgets survey ?

It’s for all service users/survivors and carers, including people who don’t know very much about personal budgets or personal health budgets – your information will help them understand where the gaps are.

The Mental Health Foundation, a national charity, is conducting the survey to collect service user and carer views on personal health budgets in mental health.

A personal health budget tells you how much money is available for your care and lets you agree the best way to spend it.

They want to find out:

  • how much people know about personal health budgets
  • what support and resources are needed to help people access this service
  • how to provide this support.

The survey  will be followed up with more in-depth discussions around the country in the New Year. The ROLE Network is working with the researchers to make sure that views from the North West are included.

If you would like an email or printed copy of the survey to complete, or more information about the survey, please contact Jayasree Kalathil at or 02086409052.

To find out more about personal health budgets, visit the Department of Health’s personal budgets page. This shows a list of the places which have been pilot sites. In the north west this includes:

  • Ashton Leigh and Wigan
  • Central and Eastern Cheshire
  • Cumbria
  • Halton and St Helens

Please complete the survey online here


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