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GP consortia

The list of current GP commissioning consortia is available here. Although note that Pulse says a second wave will be unveiled as early as next month:

“The Department of Health’s commissioning tsar Dame Barbara Hakin told Pulse that trailblazers who had missed out in the first wave may not have to wait long to be accepted, with new pathfinders likely to be announced in January, and ready to go live as early as February.

She argued that ‘too much had been made’ of the identities of the first 52 pathfinders announced by the Government earlier this month, insisting: ‘Nobody needs to be disappointed in any shape or form.’ ‘  (See full report on Pulse)

This is the current list for the North West:

Cumbria Senate
Geographical area: Cumbria
Number of practices: 86
Population size: 517,000

Salford PBC Consortium
Geographical area: Salford
Number of practices: 55
Population size: 240,000

Stockport Managed Care
Geographical area: Stockport
Number of practices: 53
Population size: 298,234

Manchester (Three consortia: North, Central and South)
Geographical area: Manchester
Number of practices: 105
Population size: 547,355

West Cheshire Health Consortium
Geographical area: Western Cheshire
Number of practices: 38
Population size: 260,000

Wirral GP Commissioning Consortium
Geographical area: Part of the Wirral
Number of practices: 27
Population size: 128,729

Eastern Cheshire Commissioning Consortium (ECCC)
Geographical area: East Cheshire
Number of practices: 22
Population size: 201,252

Trafford Commissioning Consortium (TCC)
Geographical area: Trafford
Number of practices: 37
Population size: 221,500

Fleetwood Community Commissioning Group
Geographical area: Fleetwood, North Lancashire
Number of practices: 3
Population size: 25,000

Wirral NHS Alliance
Geographical area: Wirral
Number of practices: 6
Population size: 32,000


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