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ROLEcamp – thank you

What a brilliant day – and thank you to everyone who came along and put so much effort into the discussions and conversations. A wonderful bunch of people with a fantastic enthusiasm for improving mental health in the North West.

There was a bit of uncertainty about Open Space at the start of the day – but we all soon got into the swing of it. And by the end of the day it was great to see how everyone had found space to have their own discussions – finding the spaces that they wanted and the rooms they preferred. And most people did stay to the end of the day – how many conferences do you go to where people leave after the lunch?

I’ll now be writing up everyone’s outcomes sheets so that we can circulate a report of the day to everyone who attended, and so that they can take it back to their local communities across the North West.

Thank you to everyone who helped out on the day Рespecially organisations who provided leaflets and materials. Many  delegates commented that they appreciated all the information they could take away to share. I will create a list of links to all these organisations.

One last special thank you – to the Salvation Army at Preston and their staff. Everyone commented on the great venue – we’d recommend it to anyone. And their staff made the whole day run smoothly. Thank you.

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