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Relating Outcomes to Lived Experience


Here is the information about the project copied from the CSIP Northwest website (which no longer exists):

Let’s ROC!

The NW Routine Outcomes Collaborative (ROC) was launched in July 2006 and has received plaudits at both regional and national levels.

We held our 4th learning event: ‘A Celebration of ROC & ROLE’ on 11th June 2007 at Barton Grange Hotel. The NW ROC teams and members of our Service User & Carer ROLE (Relating Outcomes to Lived Experience) group were joined by Dr Hugh Griffiths (Deputy Director of MH, DoH), Dr Jan Wallcraft (National Service User Activist) and other guests from NHS North West, MH Commissioning and representatives of our R.O.C. colleagues from NE Wales NHS Trust.

The event was a great success and provided a platform for all of the established ROC teams and ROLE group to display their work.

Here is our ‘Speed-dating’ exercise in action! Our customary competition was given added spice by the award of ROC ‘Oscars’ to the winners in each of three categories:

  1. CSIP Award;
  2. Service User Award;
  3. Carer Award.

In addition, complimentary bottles of wine were presented to the three teams who were highly commended by our 6 judges.
For those colleagues who are not aware of this North West initiative, please access a brief article about the ROC which was published in the HSJ online (a link was provided to the CSIP site. The report is still available to HSJ subscribers here. Or contact the ROLE Network for an electronic copy.)

Service User & Carer One-day Conference Report
As part of the outcomes from the ROC and ROLE learning events, the ROLE group held a one day conference on 28th March 2008.

The report gives a summary of the events leading up to the conference and an account of the conference.

The main feedback from delegates at the conference was how effective one-day events are for allowing service users and carers feel their opinions are listened to and valued, and that the majority of service users and carers would like to become more involved not only in their own care but also in shaping services in their own locality if they had the opportunity.

(The report was directly downloadable from the CSIP website.)
CSIP (Care Services Improvement Partnership) ended in 2009. Its website closed so that there is no access to all the information held on it. We hope that organisations will remember to archive their websites.

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