ROLE network

Relating Outcomes to Lived Experience

Who are we?

Over the years, there have been around 20 people involved. Some have left to go on to work or to concentrate on other parts of their lives, but still stay in touch.

The key members at the moment are:

  • Evelyn Bitcon (North Cumbria)
  • Anne Broadhurst (Greater Manchester)
  • Terry Broadhurst (Greater Manchester)
  • Alwyn Cooper (East Lancashire)
  • Karen Machin (Merseyside)
  • David Ralph (South Cumbria)
  • Pat Ralph (South Cumbria)
  • Eileen Riley (East Lancashire)
  • Bill Tompkins (East Lancashire)
  • Rob Walker (Cheshire & Wirral)
  • Roland Urey (Greater Manchester)


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