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Lancashire police – e-card

Lancashire Constabulary have developed an emergency information card for people with disabilities. The card is useful for many people including people with caring responsibilities. The ‘E-Card’ was developed by James Holland, their disability officer.

It is described in a national Mind publication (Police and Mental Health: How to get it right locally – pdf file on Mind website) as best practice.

The ‘E Card’ is the size of a credit card and comes with a self seal laminating pouch. Any kind of information can be written on it – some people just write their name and an emergency contact number but others want to include details such as:

  • The person’s name and photograph
  • Details of a relevant emergency contact and number
  • Medical information, for example ‘I have a learning disability’ or ‘I have diabetes’
  • Other useful information such as what that person might need to support or help them in an emergency

To obtain an ‘E Card’, you can call 01772 412017, send an SMS text to 07983 432582 or email

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